Podcast 17: Gaming Psychology and Learning

Note: this is a bonus episode of the podcast made available because my Patreon supporters recently help me hit a funding goal. Enjoy!

What is it about video games that make them such effective tools for learning and teaching people new material? Put another way, how might you take the lessons of video game design and apply them as either a teacher or a student? In this episode I talk with Karl Kapp about what video games have in common with effective classrooms, training, or other learning environments and why an over reliance on “points, badges, and leaderboards” isn’t a good idea.

This week's guest, Dr. Karl Kapp

This week’s guest, Dr. Karl Kapp

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One thought on “Podcast 17: Gaming Psychology and Learning

  1. “These kind of cooperative activities actually i think would be more bringing people working together rather than like these competitions where peoples are fighting each others.”

    Just : FINALLY !! That one of the main problem in lots of actuals games and education for me. People usually do better with other people, i waited education to get that since i was a kid.

    Thanks to get on this topics !

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