Books on the Psychology of Video Games

The Engagement Game: Why Your Workplace Culture Should Look More Like a Video Game is a book for people who want to apply lessons from the psychology of video games to being a better manager or other kind of leader. Take lessons from video games on how to improve:

  • Employee engagement
  • Goal setting
  • Feedback and performance management
  • Growth and learning
  • Competition and cooperation
  • Teamwork and team dynamics
  • Organizational culture

Available July 1, 2020

Getting Gamers: The Psychology of Video Games and Their Impact on the People who Play Them is a book about how video games use psychology to shape our behavior, manipulate our beliefs, and rig our purchasing decisions.

Topics include:

  • Why do normal people become raving lunatics online?
  • Why do players cheat and peek at strategy guides?
  • Why are fanboys and fangirls so ready for a fight?
  • Why do we get nostalgic about good old games?
  • How do games get us to keep score and compete?
  • How do games get us to grind & chase achievements?
  • How do games keep us excited for new loot?
  • How do games immerse us in imaginary worlds?
  • Why do we go crazy for digital game sales?
  • How do mobile games get you with in-app purchases?
  • How do games keep players paying and playing?
  • How do games get players to market to each other?
  • Do we shape our game avatars or do they shape us?
  • Is video game violence a problem? Why do we like it?
  • Do video games make you smarter?

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Video Games and Well-Being: Press Start is a book about how video game mechanics and narratives can teach players skills associated with increased psychological well-being. It’s a collection of chapters written by different experts in the field. I wrote the chapter on how video games create growth mindsets and encourage us to keep improving.