Hi, how’s it going? Want to get in touch with me? Try jamie at psychology of games dot com.

I’m also on Twitter and Facebook.

Contact FAQs

I’m a journalist, freelance writer, or some kind of producer. Can you help me out with a piece I’m working on?
You bet! E-mail me at jamie at to get things started, then I’m happy to talk via e-mail, phone, Skype, or whatever as needed. I’ll spout something interesting, useful, or entertaining –or try to point you in the direction of someone who can help if it turns out I can’t. Maybe both.

Also, be sure to shoot me a quick note when the piece goes to print or online. I’ll promote it to my readers.

Okay! How should I refer to you in my article or paper?
However you think is appropriate, but maybe this will help: “Jamie Madigan is a psychology Ph.D. who writes about the overlap between psychology and video games.” Linkbacks to my website (, and/or my Twitter account ( are always appreciated and should fulfill any need you feel to reciprocate my help.

If you need a headshot, consider the one on the “About” page. If that doesn’t work, let me know.

I found this one article you wrote interesting. Can you tell me where to find out more?
Thanks! But chances are I mentioned most of what I have on hand in the article. I might be able to dump a bunch of citations on you, but probably not. Try or for more.

I wrote an article that I think you might want to post on your site.
Thanks, but I’m not looking to take submissions for the site right now.

Can I post an ad on your site? I’ll pay you.
Thanks, but I’m not pursuing advertising revenue for the site. Probably won’t. This isn’t 1999.

Do you want to buy these herbal enhancements?

Can I reprint your article on my website?
Maybe, but not without my permission and there will probably be a syndication fee involved. E-mail me and we’ll talk.

Can I reference your article or quote from it?
That’s fair use, so yes absolutely. Please do, in fact.

I’m a teacher or professor. Can I use your articles in a class I’m teaching?
Really? That’s awesome, so yes. Please do.

Would you like to collaborate on a scholarly project or study I’m working on?
I’m intrigued. E-mail me with the form above to tell me more.

Can you play my indie game or student project game and give me feedback?
I …uh …maybe? That sounds time consuming, though, so most likely I’d say yes and then never get around to it. I’m just being honest here.