Podcast 59: What is a Games Researcher?

One frequently asked question I get is “How do I get into this psychology of video games field?” And while I’m not quite sure you can rightly call it a whole “field” at this point, it’s hard to deny that blending psychology and video games is more than an academic exercise any more where literal academic researchers are doing scientific research. I mean, they are doing that, I’ve talked to many of them on this podcast. But more and more people with psychology backgrounds and training are cropping up in the video game business. Like flowers. Or groundhogs. Or Something.

On this episode I talk to one such researcher who works at Riot Games, maker of games like League of Legends and Valorant, about what she does, how she got where she is, and what advice she has for those interested in charting a similar course.

This episode’s guest expert, Dr. Chelsea Hughes from Riot Games


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