Podcast 38: Mental Health Professionals and Video Games

This week’s guest expert, Dr. Anthony Bean

It may shock you to hear this, but not everyone is intimately familiar with video games. I know, right? Despite the fact that video games continue to become more mainstream and cut across all kinds of demographic groups, some aspects of games and gaming culture continue to be misunderstood or, worse yet, maligned. In past episodes I’ve had guests like Dr. Rachel Kowert on to talk about what parents need to know about video games (that’s episode 25), I’ve had Doctors Chris Ferguson and Patrick Markey on to talk about what policy makers need to know (episode 26) , and I’ve had Dr. Vanessa Hemovich on to talk about what educators and institutions offering degrees related to creating games need to know (that was episode 34).

In this episode my guest and I are going to examine yet another group that may need some evidence-based information about video games: mental health therapists and similar professionals. That is, those working with kids, adults, and families who may not only be incorporating video games and play into their therapy, but who may be asked specifically about behaviors and habits related to video games.

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