New Audio Book, Plus How to Appear in My Next Book

A couple of awesome, book related announcements for you all.

First, the audiobook version of Getting Gamers is now out and available for purchase! This is my first book about the psychology of video games, covering many of the same topics I do on the site and podcast, but much more deeply and with lots of dumb jokes. Tantor Audio did a great job with this version, and I really like the work that the narrator did here. No, not me. They decided to go with someone good instead.

I’m linking to here, but it’s available at all the major audiobook sellers. Check it:

The audiobook version of Getting Gamers: The Psychology of Video Games and Their Impact on the People Who Play Them

Secondly, earlier this week I submitted my draft manuscript for my next book! This new one is also going to be about video games and psychology, and the tentative title is “Boss Strategies: Why Your Workplace Should Look More Like a Video Game.”1 It’s going to explore what lessons we can take from video games around how to be a more effective leader and manager. How to motivate people, get them to set and achieve goals, get them to learn and develop on the job, get them to work as a team, and more. I’m really happy with how it has turned out.

But what would make it even better is if I can include you in it. To that end, I’m running a special promotion through my Patreon account. If you are a Patreon supporter of any tier on June 30, 2019 when I send the final edits to my publisher, I’ll include your name in a special acknowledgements section in the book.

Support me on Patreon by June 30, 2019 and your name will appear in my new book

If I’m doing the trigonometry right, that gives you just under two months to head on over and get your name included in the book if you’re not one of my many supporters already. In addition to that, you’ll be helping me create new articles and podcast episodes, defraying the costs of hosting and software, and even helping me cover the costs of going to speak at gaming conferences.2

So exciting! Now that the majority of the work on Boss Strategies is done, I’ll be glad to spend those nights and weekends on some new content and site features that I’ve had in mind. Stay tuned!


1. Title subject to change, and if you’ve got suggestions let’s hear ’em.
2. I make a little money off podcast adds (which Patreon supporters can avoid with an ad-free version), but it’s frankly very little. And I make a bit more off book sales, but honestly Patreon is by far the main source of support for all this.

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