The You Are Not So Smart Podcast: Video Game Edition

Have you ever wanted to have the opportunity to regret learning what my voice sounds like? Good news!

David McRaney is the author of two excellent books about psychology and self delusion: You Are Not So Smart and You Are Now Less Dumb. If you like the stuff I write about here, you’ll love those books. David also still maintains the blog where all this started, including a section where he posts podcasts and interviews with experts on various corners of psychology and self delusion.

Apparently he couldn’t find anyone that fit that bill for his new podcast episode about video games, so he asked me to be his guest instead. You can listen to and/or download the podcast by performing simple clicking motions on this hand crafted link. David and I talk about a number of different topics, including quest logs in Skyrim, how Candy Crush Saga is designed to be a habit first and a game second, reciprocity, endowed progress, and more. I also fumble a question about Borderlands 2 and loot drops, so yay.

At any rate, it was fun to do and renewed my interest in doing a Psychology of Games podcast following a similar format. Guests would be people either doing research involving video games, or psychologists who work in the gaming industry. Would anyone listen to that?

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YANSS Podcast Episode 8: Video Games

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  1. I will listen to this,you’ve got some good articles from what I’ve read so far,waiting to read more and hear more from you ^_^

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