Top 10 Articles

Below is a list of what I consider “the best of” so far. It’s a subjective list, but it’s roughly based on my happiness with the articles, the amount and quality of discussion in the comments, and how often it’s been shared around the ‘net.

  1. The Psychology of Immersion
  2. Why We Get Nostalgic About Old Games
  3. The Psychology of Video Game Avatars.
  4. Anonymity and Antisocial Behavior
  5. Endowed Progress Effect and Game Quests
  6. The Status Quo Effect (Or, Pay Without Play)
  7. The Seven Psychological Sins of Sim City Social
  8. Three Reasons We Buy Those Crazy Steam Bundles
  9. The Psychology Behind Steam’s Summer Sale
  10. Trials Evolution, Social Comparisons and Second Place
  11. The Psychology of Game of the Year Debates

Wait, that’s like 11, isn’t it? Well, whatever. The math is close enough for psychology.

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